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The Planting


Our Journey, from Seed to Fruit

Black Fruit International, LLC was birthed in December 2015 during our 30 Day Journey to Kenya, East Afrika, from a Divine Calling of our Ancestors. We built relationships with the Maasai Tribe who handmade and custom designed traditional Shuka-Kikoi garments, jewelry and handbags which became our very first retail items. This connection allowed us to gain a sense of Pride and Power, reclaiming and embracing our identity, and finding a new Love for ourselves as Afrikan People. 

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As Healthcare Professionals with over 30 years of experience combined, we naturally expanded our organization to scale and fulfill the capacity of what is needed the most: access to Community-based Wholistic Wellness Programs and Culturally-centered Education. We have strategically positioned ourselves as a pivotal platform for Mental Wealth and Reproductive Health. Our innovative approach is designed to Reprogram the Mind and Revitalize the Womb, with a focus on Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Endometriosis, Fibroids, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), Prostate, Sperm Health, Nutrition, and much more. We empower you to become the Expert, trusting in your Natural abilities of Self-Healing for Mental, Physical, Spiritual, Emotional, and Vibrational Well-being. 

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Through Social Outreach, Private and Group Coaching, Educational Workshops and Certification Trainings, we have impacted thousands of individuals — from the Afrikan Diaspora to the Afrikan Continent. We handcrafted and custom-blend our signature Organic Herbs for Nourishing, Cleansing and Detoxing. Our admiration for Nature and Creativity blossomed into a Lifestyle of Self-directed Herbal Artistry, as we intuitively sustain the Wellness of our own family for Health Maintenance, Prevention and Longevity; we share our Gifts with our community and around the world. [Online HERB SHOP Coming Soon!!] In addition, we have our “Mental Wealth” and “Speak Life” Statement Apparel Collections from our Original Abstract Art designs that aim to spread a positive message through the power of our Thoughts and our Words. It is our MISSION to cultivate Generational Healing, with a VISION of creating a New Global Standard of Well-Being for Black Families.

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In 2019, we received our first Small Business Grant Funding from the YWCA and was awarded BEST Wholistic Healthcare Business in Oklahoma City through the Small Business Spotlight Awards, in 2021. We have been featured on multiple Podcasts and media outlets and have partnered with several dynamic Black-owned businesses. We are proud to announce our newest partnership with Tommy Town Foundation for our Socio-Global Wholistic Wellness Project, starting in The Gambia, West Afrika.  

From the Diaspora....

To the Motherland....

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We are Independent Wholistic, Community-based Spiritual Practitioners. We are non-religious.

We do not practice Medicine; We are not Medical Doctors, Dietitians, Nutritionists, or Psychologists.

We offer Coaching, Consulting, and Education through Nature-based information.

We speak from our own personal and professional experiences, as well as what we have learned through our independent research, formal trainings, and professional education.

Our products are not evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration, although this does not devalue the

quality, safety, and efficacy of what we provide to our customers. 

The information we share does not replace your regularly scheduled Doctor’s visits.

The content and resources provided are not prescriptive; it is not meant to diagnose, treat, or cure any health condition.

It should only be used as a guide for educational purposes only.

We are strong Advocates for Self-Help/Self-Care which is Community Care..

We encourage you to be proactive and do your own research along your Healing Journey,

in order to Heal YourSelf.  

Black Fruit International, LLC ® 2015-2023

The Gambia, West Afrika

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