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The Mental Wealth Collection encourages us to get to know ourselves, cultivate a sense of Self-Expression, embrace our gifts, and celebrate every step of our life journey. Whether you battle with anxiety, depression, grief, loneliness, self-sabotage, abuse, or any other circumstance, know that you are not alone. You are loved, you are worthy, and you are valued!

With Mental Wealth at the core of our apparel designs, our unique approach to Self-Care as Community-Care provides a viable solution to breaking the stigma that lies at the forefront of many conversations — bringing openness, acceptance, and confidence in the way we think and the way we speak about Mental Health. Breathing, Affirmations, Meditation, Movement, and Nutrition are routine Wellness practices that we engage with our community, in order to promote Health Maintenance, Disease Prevention, Healing, and Longevity, starting with Self.


Mental Wealth is the key element to achieving success in life, generating a healthy self-esteem, attracting healthy relationships, and building financial wealth. Our brand stands as a tool of enlightenment to restore and manifest inner peace, balance, harmony, and prosperity. Let’s talk about Mental Health! Broaden your perspective from a place of understanding and compassion. Reach out to your loved ones and friends. Check in often with those you care about. Always remember: Self-Love is the Best Love.


Each apparel item sold provides a percentage towards FREE Counseling and Family-centered Education!!

- De'Shaun Thornton, LPC

Integrative Mental Health Professional


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Hope will fall like rain when you SPEAK LIFE with the words you say.…


Our voice is one of the most powerful gifts we possess. Having the ability to articulate our thoughts and emotions into Human language with words, directly impacts our inner selves as well as others around us. The energy behind the way we use our words influences our communication and our interactions. Speaking through the Heart, from a place of Love, Truth, Authenticity and Forgiveness, amplifies our connections and uplifts the Spirit of people surrounding you. Use your voice to spread Positive Vibrations of Peace and Joy. Heal with the Kindness that you pour into yourself and to others. Speak into existence all that your inner being desires to manifest!


Our SPEAK LIFE Collection ignites you to:

  • Affirm Yourself

  • Walk With a Greater Sense of Purpose

  • Exude Confidence and Self-Esteem

  • Find Comfort in Your Self-Expression

  • Co-Create With Those Around You


Reap the benefits of the subconscious effect on the psyche with our SPEAK LIFE Collection. For every negative thought, re-write it with a positive perspective. Create healthy personal boundaries by saying “YES” to what you want and “NO” to what you don’t want. Assert yourself in a way that allows you to feel empowered and bring positive change. Wear your Affirmations; Speak your Truth; Inspire others to do the same.

Say it! Wear it! Live it! Be it!

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Sisi ni Watendaji wa Kiroho Wanaojitegemea, Wanaozingatia Jamii.

Hatufanyi Dawa; Sisi sio Madaktari, Wataalamu wa Chakula, Wataalamu wa Lishe, au Wanasaikolojia.

Tunatoa Ushauri kupitia habari inayotokana na Mazingira.

Tunazungumza kutokana na uzoefu wetu wa kibinafsi na kitaaluma, pamoja na yale ambayo tumejifunza kupitia utafiti wetu huru, mafunzo rasmi na elimu.

Bidhaa na huduma zetu hazitathminiwi na Utawala wa Chakula na Dawa

na haichukui nafasi ya ziara zako za mara kwa mara za Daktari.

Yaliyomo na rasilimali zinazotolewa sio maagizo; haikusudiwi kutambua, kutibu, au kuponya hali yoyote ya afya.

Inapaswa kutumika tu kama mwongozo kwa madhumuni ya kielimu tu.

Sisi ni watetezi wa Kujisaidia/Kujijali.

Tunakuhimiza kuwa makini na kufanya utafiti wako mwenyewe katika Safari yako ya Uponyaji,

ili Ujiponye.  

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  • Sanduku la Posta 122  Bethany, Oklahoma 73008

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